Community Projects

There is much evidence that dance can have a positive impact on people’s lives. Delivered by experienced professionals with a clear intention, dance has the potential to improve well being, both psychologically and physically.

Outreach in the community: Michelle is looking to work with partners who share her vision – schools, theatres, day centres, housing trusts, health services and the local council. By joining forces we can share our knowledge, resources and experience and work together to create opportunities on the island for people of all ages and backgrounds, to have access to dance and all it has to offer.

Outreach in schools: For schools Michelle has created a one day dance workshop inspired by ‘Under Julia’s Spell’ introducing Isle of Wight pupils to local hero, Julia Margaret Cameron.  She can create bespoke workshops too, which not only introduce pupils to dance and choreography, but also make links to other areas of the curriculum such as history, art and literature.

Michelle also offers drama workshops for primary and secondary schools in particular a workshop that helps pupils understand and explore literary texts in a fun and physical way.

CPD is on offer too.  She can deliver dance workshops to primary teachers and non specialist secondary teachers providing staff with some key tools to help them deliver imaginative and progressive dance lessons and show them the potential for cross-curricular learning through dance.

Michelle also offers twilight/a half day session in ‘Drama – a practical approach to delivering Shakespeare’.  This will provide teachers with a practical approach for teaching Shakespeare to children and young people and can be adapted to suit KS2/3 or 4 teachers.

Michelle is currently a Lift the Lid artist/trainer for Quay Arts.

Michelle offers creative writing for wellbeing workshops/courses too.


Michelle has recently worked with/or delivered workshops for:

Isle of Wight Council’s Adult and Community Learning department
Independent Arts
Quay Arts
Paul Windridge
Dimbola Museums and Galleries
Sandy Kealty
Trinity Stars Youth Theatre
Haylands Farm
New Avenues Group
Dimbola Museums and Galleries
Trinity Stars Youth Theatre
Yarmouth, Carisbrooke, Freshwater and Freshwater Bay WI societies

If you’d like to discuss a special project for your group or organisation, please call or contact Michelle.