April 2020.  Lock down.  Samphire were inspired by small spaces in their houses and gardens and have created Together Apart to bring something positive out of these negative times.

Summer 2019.  Inspired by the sights, sounds and feelings of the wood, Samphire improvised and created Awakening.  Film and music by Paul Windridge.


Summer 2019.   Improvising at Compton Bay.  Film and music by Paul Windridge.


Here, Samphire and friends, danced our version of Pina Bausch’s ‘Nelken Line’ at Compton Beach, part of a worldwide event.


Samphire in ‘Under Julia’s Spell’.  Part 1: Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879) was one of the most important early photographers and is now recognised as a pioneer of photography ‘as art’.  She was born in India, and here we played around with motifs inspired by pictures of South Asian Dance to set the scene.  The film is by Paul Windridge.

Part 2: Julia was a free spirit and when she moved to England, found the Victorians rather uptight and ‘corseted’.

Part 3: In Freshwater Bay, Julia discovered the Freshwater Circle – bohemian artists, writers and poets and she soon had them under her spell and were using them in her photographs.

Part 4: In later life, Julia moved to Ceylon to be nearer her family.  Here you see, she is still inspired by her surroundings and continues to take photographs.

Here, Samphire are experimenting with some of the motifs from parts one and four of the dance, down at the beach.  Julia’s home, Dimbola Lodge at Freshwater Bay, is just 2 miles away.


Samphire at The Ventnor Fringe, August 2018 performing in a pop up art gallery.  Using knitting as a metaphor for the struggles of women over time, and inspired by the suffragette movement, Samphire interpreted Sandy Kealty’s poem ‘Knitting the Bones’.