Here is a small selection of the projects Samphire have taken part in. If you would like to know more about this group, see here:

Summer 2023. Inspired by living on the Isle of Wight, we collaborated with film maker, Paul Windridge, and created a trilogy of films. Here is Part 3: Island Lines. Samphire dancers wrote about how they feel about living on the Isle of Wight. Using words collated from their responses; BREATHE-CHERISH-PRIDE-ESCAPE-RESCUE-RELIEF-PROTECT, each dancer responded in their own unique way.

Summer 2022. Samphire, along with its spin off group at Niton, created two dances to celebrate the 50th birthday of Ventnor Botanic Gardens. This is a montage of clips from both ‘Breath’ and ‘In the Garden’.

October 2021.  Samphire dancers were delighted to be part of the New Carnival Company’s Arts and Walking festival ‘Crossing the Bar’ performing at Bembridge and St Catherine’s lighthouse, Niton.  We took inspiration from The Sirens, half woman, half bird, who lured sailors with their singing causing shipwrecks on the rocks of the island.


April 2020.  Lock down.  Samphire dancers were inspired by small spaces in their houses and gardens and created Together Apart to bring something positive out of the negative times.

Summer 2019.  Inspired by the sights, sounds and feelings of the wood, Samphire improvised and created Awakening.  Film and music by Paul Windridge.


Summer 2019.   Improvising at Compton Bay.  Film and music by Paul Windridge.


Here, Samphire and friends, danced our version of Pina Bausch’s ‘Nelken Line’ at Compton Beach, part of a worldwide event.

To see other dances by Samphire, see Michelle Hainsworth (