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Mondays – Make a Move! (Dance for PD, MS and stroke survivors) 

Have you been affected by Parkinson’s or MS or have you had a stroke which has limited your movements or knocked your confidence?  Drawing on my training in Dance and Disability, Dance for Parkinson’s and Inclusive dance practice, I have devised these fun dance classes to help improve your mobility, strength and co-ordination and lift your mood.  These classes are playful, light hearted and sociable.  We concentrate on what you can do not on what you can’t. We begin with seated exercises to stretch out the spine, wake up the limbs and encourage flowing movement.  Then we use the chair as support to do exercises to music specifically aimed at core strength and balance (a seated version will be demonstrated too).  The class concludes with everyone dancing together or in small groups. This is NOT dance therapy but it is therapeutic and a joyful, uplifting alternative to traditional exercise classes.

Time: Mondays, 11-12

Place: Newport Methodist Hall, Quay Street, Newport

Cost: Pay What You Can: minimum £6, recommended £8 (Please book).

This is what participants say:

Our class is more than just exercise. It is friendship, caring about each other, mutual support, and having a good time. 

“You are giving people with strokes the will to get back to normal.  Well done.”

Thursdays – Creative contemporary dance for wellbeing

Inspired by contemporary dance technique these classes involve groups of friendly people having fun moving together and developing a love of dance.  (And we laugh a lot too!)

Classes are great for improving flexibility, co-ordination and memory, testing imagination and a boost to mental health, resilience and confidence.

Time: Thursdays 10.45 – 12.15

Place: The Methodist Hall, Garfield Rd, Ryde 

Cost: £49 for 6 weeks Tier one, or Tier two £45 (first class free)

This is what participants say:

“I leave each session with a sense of achievement, a body that is alive and stretched and a smile on my face!”

Thursdays: Samphire for over 55s

Some people like the camaraderie of creating and rehearsing; the excitement of performing for an audience and the sense of achievement a project brings.  If this could be you, you should try our lovely Samphire project/performance group in Newport.

Time:  Thursdays 2.00 – 3.30

Place: Camp Hill Sports and Community Club, Newport

Cost: £54 for 6 week block Tier one, or Tier two £48 (first class free).

 More details about the performance group here: http://danceiow.org.uk/wp/samphire-dance-company/ 

This is what participants have to say:

“At the start I was somewhat ambiguous about the creative element, but honestly it is so important to stretch us and to make us use both our brains and our bodies.  I can’t express how energised I feel after every class especially when I have been feeling a bit low beforehand.”

To book or enquire about space availability, email Michelle at: communitydanceiow@gmail.com or call: 07503 153 329.

Fridays – DanceMakers

DanceMakers is for those who require a gentle dance class in a fun, sociable environment. These uplifting  sessions are for people, regardless of ability, who like to meet together every week for fun and friendship, and some exercise that helps improve their posture, balance, co-ordination, muscle strength and confidence.  We have refreshments at the end of each class too.  DanceMakers has just celebrated its 11th anniversary.

Time: Fridays 10.45 – 12.15

Place:  St John’s Hall, Newport

Cost: £5 

There is often a waiting list to join the DanceMakers programme but if you are interested, then please contact: https://independentarts.org.uk/workshops/dancemakers/ 

This is what participants have to say:

 “It’s full of fun and interesting things to do”

“My balance and co-ordination are improving”

“It’s been great to work as part of a team – I’ve missed that!”

“You are a very talented inspiring teacher, very aware, kind, fully committed with a great sense of fun.  We enjoy what you do very much”.

Creative Writing for Wellbeing

The focus of ‘Creative Writing for Wellbeing’ is the process not the product.  You don’t need to be a writer, or have written before.  We take inspiration from paintings, poems, photographs, our lives and objects around us.  There are silly games and serious moments of reflection.

New courses coming soon.

Contact me, Michelle Hainsworth for information.