In November 2016, I started ‘Samphire’ a dance group specifically for people aged 55+. It is designed to bring people together in a fun, social environment, to learn to dance, create and occasionally perform. Some members have danced before, but others have come to it later in life. Here is what members have to say:

“I never thought I would have the opportunity to dance at this stage of my life. It’s great to be part of such a friendly group and to have such a good workout for the brain as well as the body.”


“After a life time of working and shouldering responsibility like many others, however cheerfully and contentedly, it has been absolutely refreshing, to fill my soul a few hours a week on such creative projects.”

Samphire meets each week in Newport.  (There are now spin off classes at Ventnor Botanic Gardens too).




Under Julia’s Spell

In the summer of 2017 I was commissioned to create a dance film inspired by Victorian photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. The collaboration with Samphire, QuayCrafts and film maker Paul Windridge culminated in the film, ‘Under Julia’s Spell’ which formed part of the exhibition ‘Out of the Shadows’ at Dimbola Museum and Galleries. (Photographs by Carol Walker).




The Nelken Line

In May 2018 Samphire and friends took part in the world wide project, The Nelken Line.

Knitting the Bones

Summer 2018 at the Ventnor Fringe – ‘Knitting the Bones’ choreographed by myself, Michelle Hainsworth, and Samphire, with words and music by Sandy Kealty.

We took inspiration from the suffragette movement and produced a dance which not only explored the different roles of women, but also challenged the sedate image of older women in society.


Summer 2019 and we danced at a variety of places around the Isle of Wight.  We collaborated with Paul Windridge and created ‘Journeys’ – an improvisation at Compton Bay.







Taking inspiration from the sights, sounds and feelings we experienced in the wood, we also created movement which culminated in the improvised dance, ‘Awakening’.









2020 has been a ‘different’ year but we’ve danced in the fresh air, and had fun creating movement at home.

For all films, see the Galleries page.

If you would be interested in joining Samphire Dance then please contact Michelle Hainsworth here.