Dance in schools and the community

Dance is the perfect medium to bring people together. It has a positive impact on people’s lives.  Above, Isle of Wight College Performing Arts Students and DanceMakers, participated in a workshop created for a celebrating age event.  The participants were aged between 14-84!

I can offer one off workshops, a project or a series of dance sessions in community or school environments. 

As a former school teacher I also feel ideally placed to offer Continued Professional Development sessions in schools for non specialist teachers who would like to learn more about teaching dance, either as a bespoke subject, or as a tool for  teaching other subjects.

“When I initially arranged CPD training with Michelle, many were uncertain of what to expect.
This is essentially because we had not received whole staff CPD before, other staff are responsible for Dance Live and it had become an area in which we were less confident and experienced.
The session was fun, inclusive, practical and we found that ideas were easily applied to planning and delivery. Great links to our curriculum focus as requested and happy staff from start to finish.
Would definitely recommend to other school teams looking to upskill and give dance a new lease of life! “
Lizzie Westbrook, PE lead at Lanesend Primary, Cowes
“It was fantastic, fun and useful”  Mrs Wall, Year 6 teacher, Lanesend Primary
Recent workshops in primary schools have included the following topics:
Julia Margaret Cameron and the Victorian Era
Another Brick in the Wall – the Romans
As good today as it’s always been’ – Hovis Bread
A taste of Spain

Workshops in the community have included island WIs.

We spent a wonderful evening with Michelle Hainsworth dancing our way to laughter. ‘I can’t do that’ didn’t come into it. We warmed up gently playing ‘copy me’, seated and standing, strengthening our core and gaining confidence as we worked. Then supported by the chair, if required, exercises began to get really exciting! Each exercise was supported by an interesting story, creating pictures in the mind. This way of working connects with people with Parkinson’s and neurological disorders. You can’t help moving and raucously singing to Jerusalema, Sweet Caroline and Delilah while hanging on to a giant scrunchy with highly excited ladies of a certain age. It’s amazing how many different versions of ‘move to the right’ there are! Who knew what you could do with a paper plate? Well, we worked in groups to create some hilarious dances. ‘It was the best way to have fun you could think of!’ Thanks Michelle, it really was a fun evening. A combination of healthy exercise and laughter, good for body and mind. Can’t wait for another session!” Cheryl Downie Creekside WI